Rebecca Blonski – Founder/Director

Fr. Rick Thomas &
Juan Thomas
23 Feb., 1983

After giving birth in 1969 and in 1971, Rebecca traveled to Juarez, Mexico, in 1983, to adopt a newborn infant, Juan Tomas, with the help of a Roman Catholic Priest: Father Rick Thomas.  Rebecca’s newly adopted son was one of thirteen children.  Half of his natural brothers and sisters had died from either starvation or lack of sanitary conditions.

Being an eyewitness to profound poverty, Rebecca desired to do something in thanksgiving to God for the blessing of adopting this magnificent child.   Through the poverty of this newborn infant, she fell in love with the poor and God brought it all together.   Rebecca founded Madonna House Inc., a Religious Association, for the purpose of serving needy children and women in her area.

Because the poor are often over-looked Rebecca rescued and adopted five more children of different/mixed races here in America because their lives were in danger.   These children were the forgotten ones; the castaways; the ones modern society wanted to pretend didn’t exist and wanted to rid itself.


One child was literally saved from the knife of an abortionist; another child was deemed a failure to thrive baby; one child is autistic; two children are the result of a rape.  Rebecca’s youngest, her 7th adopted child, is from Haiti.  He is hydrocephalic, has a shunt in his head and is missing the left hemisphere of his brain. Although God sent children into Rebecca’s life with challenges, through the outpouring of love and perseverance these children blossomed beyond all expectations!

Juan Tomas desired to become a Roman Catholic Priest, though he is now in Heaven.  One child grew up to became a principal at one of the 10th best Catholic Schools in America: Providence Academy, Minnesota; Another child helps enormously at Madonna House and is Rebecca’s right hand; one child is in the US Navy; one child is in college.  The child who is autistic received the 2016 NJ Governor’s Award for Dance, and the youngest has made remarkable strides, giving pure love and joy to all who know him.   All this was done within the apostolic ministry of Madonna House.  Today this ministry continues to meet the challenges and needs of families.

Rebecca would not be on this earth today if it wasn’t for the miracle of her mother’s faith and a strong belief in being pro-life! Click here to learn more about this miracle.



I have not built shining spires reaching to the skies
Nor have I built monuments to dazzle human eyes
But I have built children who are spirit, flesh and bone
With God, the Himself the Architect, I did not build alone.

I pray each night that they shun all pettiness and sin;
And that their beauty be not of face… but that it be within.

I have not built monuments that rest upon the sod;
But I have formed human souls to grace the courts of God.

Author Unknown