Our Services

Our role in serving local poor and needy children and women is born out of the Commandment of our Lord Jesus Chirst….” To love God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength and to Love Our Neighbors As Ourselves”.

At Madonna House, it is our moral obligation to live out this Commandment of Jesus Christ to the fullest and to help care for people who are genuinely and sincerely in need.

The Freedom God bestows on Man, The Ten Commandments…. enables humanity to mature to their fullest potential.  The boundaries the world imposes are:  pride, hatred, prejudice, selfishness, greed, lack of love, etc.  At Madonna House, we try to break down the barriers the world presents, knowing that with God’s help ~ ALL things are possible!

Madonna House is not a crutch, but another valuable resource allowing parents or guardians to better care for their children in temporary, emergency or crisis situations.   Since 1987, Madonna House, with the help of devoted, compassionate volunteers has helped literally tens of thousands of local children.

Most of the women coming to Madonna House live far below the poverty level.   For many women, the decision to give life and raise their child means a life of poverty.   Madonna House is unique in our approach to helping others because of our total commitment and respect for all human life.  If one encourages a positive approach to life, then true alternatives must be offered:  Madonna House is one of those alternatives.