Life Poem

By Rebecca Blonski dated 1987

        I thank You, Almighty God, for every human life,

You have so lovingly and wondrously created. 

Let everyone be given a chance to love and be loved. 

     Dear God, source of all Life and Love,

Please, help me learn to do just as You say,

“To love my neighbor as I love myself”. 

Open my eyes to Your beautiful world

And look for You in

Everything that You have Created,

Especially all human life,

Whom You Created in Your image. 

Help me see the face of Your Son, Jesus, in all people,

Regardless of race, nationality, illness or disability.

Dear God, help me to remember to seek

Your Love, Wisdom, and Guidance for everything,

And to remain faithful to You. 

  By faith, I know

You will guide my every step,

No matter which path I take,

No matter how difficult my life may be.  

And dear God,

When I finally learn to love others,

Just the way they are,

Just the way You created them,

Then I will truly know how to love You.  Amen.