By Sarah Blonski-Marshall & Rebecca Blonski

      Most of the mothers coming to Madonna House are considered the working poor.   While they may have jobs, those jobs barely cover their daily expenses.   Anyone who has children knows that it is neither cheap nor free to raise them.  This is where Madonna House provides.   We are the stepping stone that allows parents to be able to better provide for their family.

     Not everyone has a relative or friend who can pass over a few extra dollars, provide childcare, or even pass on hand me downs.  Most of our clients live pay check to pay check.  By mid-week they are a few days early and a paycheck short of being able to buy food, diapers, do laundry, or put gas in their car.  They struggle every day to make it from one day to the next.

     Just because someone has a job does not mean they cannot be poor.  In the words of a beloved friend, “it’s expensive to be poor”.   Our desire is to help our clients.  We want them to know that they are not forgotten or overlooked; we care about them.   

      Those who are poor don’t often look poor.  It could easily be ANYONE whom you come into contact with throughout your day:  your co-worker, neighbor, cashier, hair stylist, waitress.  Everyone’s struggle is different.   Here at Madonna House we listen to our clients.   When asked, we try to offer them direction and guidance; not only giving a helping hand… but an open heart as well.

     We value those who seek out our help.  Most importantly, we cherish the children whom we so lovingly serve.  Our primary purpose is to serve children.  They are the innocent, the blessed, and the most beautiful of all God’s creations. In fact, we consider every child coming to Madonna House as Baby Jesus!

     Children should not have to suffer… EVER!  They should not have to go without a winter coat, shoes, undergarments, blankets, sheets or clean clothes.   THAT IS WHAT WE PROVIDE AT MADONNA HOUSE.  THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE:  TO MAKE SURE THAT OUR CHILDREN DO NOT SUFFER!